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Reliant Launches Reliant Medical Management

Apr 04, 2013



Reliant Rehabilitation announced today the launch of a new medical service company, Reliant Medical Management, which positions Reliant as the first contract rehab provider to offer clients an exclusive platform addressing transitional care.

Reliant Rehabilitation announced today its launch of a new medical service company, Reliant Medical Management, which puts Reliant in a position to become the first contract rehab provider to offer full-time house staff medical providers to its clients. This new business line will increase Reliant Rehabilitation’s already strong market share by offering an exclusive service platform that is unique to the industry.

Reliant Rehabilitation is known in the healthcare industry for being a strong partner with their clients to give patients the best possible outcomes. "Reliant Rehabilitation is proving once again to be an industry leader', stated Mark Fowler, Reliant Rehabilitation CEO and founder, “we are the first contract rehab company to create a serious solution to transitional care issues with a proven model to reduce avoidable re-hospitalizations."

According to MedPac, one out of every five Medicare beneficiaries are re-admitted to the hospital within 30 days from discharge, costing Medicare over $17 billion dollars annually. MedPac estimates the 75% of these re-admissions are avoidable.

Skilled Nursing Facilities utilizing Reliant’s transitional care model including Reliant Rehabilitation and Reliant Medical Management are able to significantly decrease avoidable re-hospitalizations with early detection and intervention of changes of condition and management at the onset of the change within the skilled facility.

Founded in 2002, Reliant Rehabilitation is a leader in contract rehabilitation services providing Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy services to over 40,000 patients across the US. The company’s mission is dedicated to the functional improvement in the patients they serve. Reliant has a commitment to provide their clients with innovative solutions to their needs, while providing the highest level of care with integrity and respect.

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